Sharpen your website with SharpJS

Do more with less.

SharpJS technology is a programming philosophy born after 6 months of research and development.

Modern e-commerce sites are very processor-intensive, to the point of sometimes heating up your phone and yet their performance index often remains neglected in favour of SEO.

We have iterated on dozens of different solutions in order to be able to offer both exceptional performance and incredible SEO while maintaining the ease of use of Shopify.

The result: your site's performance index rates around 95/100, where a high-end e-commerce site is usually satisfied with 35/100 according to the Google Lighthouse scale. With SharpJS, your conversion rate increases, and you receive more organic traffic.

Master time

Mastering time is crucial. SharpJS was built from the ground up by taking into consideration the fact that some people will browse your websites from places where the internet connexion is slow.


In order to give them optimal browsing conditions, our technology manages the resources that are loaded on the page: images, fonts, videos, animations, javascript, etc.


Everything that usually slows down the website is controlled by SharpJS so that the user gets a great purchasing experience, even if his phone's reception is weak or has a slow internet connexion.

Your website loads fast for all your customers, wherever they are, and Google falls in love with you if your keywords are wise: you have everything you need to thrive.

Constant Evolutions

Our clients also love the opportunity to manage all their content by themselves, directly from Shopify's back office.

This way, they don't need our help to edit their content pages, setup marketing about a special offer, create a landing page, add a video or simply update information.

With SharpJS, your website is built with an evolutive technology which gets better everyday. Every time we update our base code, stunning new features are quickly available to all our clients.

This way, your lightning fast website is constantly evolutive and technologically up to date. In the meantime you enjoy complete autonomy in daily management.