Make sales before launching your production, reduce the risks of over-stocking and non-sold items while engaging your customer base by adding the pre-order feature to your Shopify Store. Whether you want it for a new product or a new collection, several different scenarios are possible, and your customers can also choose their delivery date for products that are manufactured in a "just in time" kind of way.

You can choose to capture the payments on oder, depending on your general terms of sales, but you can also decide to only take a print of the card of the client and to capture the payment a few days later when you're ready to ship the goods.

Thanks to this feature, you also get the ability to gauge the potential success of your products before you even launch them, and you can then adapt your marketing and communication strategy, in addition to your manufacturing strategy. You can also do A/B testings, it all depends on what you can imagine to build with it.

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