Transform your Shopify store into a meeting point for your wholesale customers or retailers, and display your prices without taxes to make comparisons easier for them, without altering the browsing experience of your retail customers. You can even decide to manually accept the customers who are granted access to such features, or automate it when they provide a valid VAT number for example.

This allows your retailers to order from your site at the specific prices that you've chosen, or to gain access to discounts based on the volume of their orders, depending on your commercial practices.

In a few clicks, your professional clients can gain access to their personalized discounts, know the stock levels of your products if you decide to, and easily place orders without the hassle of complex forms to fill in. Then, all your orders are centralized on your Shopify store for easy management and accounting, and you can let them decide on immediate payments with their credit card, or 30 days payments through wire bank transfers if that's what you offer.

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