Qualify your visitors with a pleasant to fill quiz or an interactive form and transform them into pre-qualified leads that are ready to be converted into customers. Gamification allows you to qualify your audience by asking them questions that help you serve them better, or recommend the perfect product for them.

From simple information collection (first and last name, age, postal code, city, etc.) to a qualification of their entire needs, you can get answers to detailed questions like skin type, previous brands they liked... and then send them an email with the products that perfectly fit their needs. As perfectly as what a salesperson might recommend.

Your users can then decide to add those products to their cart in one click. Usage examples can be, for example: finding the perfect perfume scent, the best skincare for their beauty routine, or the fittest shape for their new shirt. This is radically efficient to collect user information that you can leverage: try it for yourself on the Anne Semonin website!

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