Shopify POS (Point of Sale) is the first eco-system for commerce that was built to sync your online website to your store and vice-versa. It allows you to leverage the use of a fully synchronized system to manage your entire commerce strategy. Two main use cases are possible:

1. Your Shopify website is performing great and you want to create synergies with your physical retail locations.

2. Your physical shop needs to expand its business online to generate additional sales.

With Shopify POS, you can sell your physical store's products online without hassle and reach customers who are too far away from your shop through the power of online shopping. You can also choose to use POS if you've started an online business and you want to start selling in retail locations. It is also possible to create a 360° commerce strategy where your customers can get in-store customer service for their online purchases or use refunds from your physical store on your website.

Thanks to Shopify POS, your stocks, customer information, loyalty program, orders, and accounting are 100% synched between your online shop and your physical retail locations.

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