Engage your audience and turn them into shoppers with a live chat feature. Many applications are available and we will guide you to choose the right one for your business.

Having a chat with your clients allows you to guide them, answer their questions, and also lift any worry that they may have. Raise their satisfaction level when they receive answers about what they were wondering about: delivery times, returns policy, or your loyalty program.

If you think that your team is too small to offer this service, remember that it's cool to have the founder of the brand you like walking you through their product line. It also gives you direct insights from your prospective or actual customers.

It is also possible to have those requests land up on a phone, Facebook Messenger so that you're only a tap away from helping your clients, and it also allows your entire team to participate, reducing the time needed to get an answer. If you receive too many requests, maybe it's time to invest in a chatbot that will answer the most commonly asked questions automatically, saving you precious time.

We'd be happy to help with that too!

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