Your Shopify store becomes available in multiple languages and allows you to conquer new markets. WeGlot or Langify are the applications that we usually recommend but don't hesitate to ask us to take a look at your particular needs if you have doubts.

English, Spanish, German, Russian, or Chinese: you decide on how many languages you want to add depending on your primary targets: the application that we'll use will be ready to grow with your business and you will easily be able to add new languages.

We usually recommend that you can take of writing down the translations yourself, but one of our team members can take care of inputting them on your website for you as an option. We generally advise that you ask a native speaker or a professional translator to do the writing and that you have the translations split up as much as possible in a spreadsheet.

It's easier to merge different texts than to split them, and it will make the importation easier.

Once it's done, don't forget to create shipping parameters for international shipping ;)

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