If your products have numerous variants (color, size, material, etc.) and you want to display them side by side in your collection pages while keeping the ability to switch from one to another without browsing, our multiple variant selector is made for you.

It allows your customers to switch from one product page to another by choosing the color or material they're looking for. It's adapted to all Shopify websites and enhances the clarity of the browsing experience by linking different products that share the same core features with just a few clicks. It also improves your website's internal linking which is great for the ranking of your website on search engines.

In the back office, you will retain the ability to have specific SKUs or references for each product, for an easy shipping and stock management experience. If you have only a few products on your website, you will be able to display the different colors or materials side by side so that your offering looks larger than what it really is, which is often pleasant for the eyes as well.

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