Bitcoin is the essential currency of the moment, it is more and more present in our daily life and even if you do not see it you often hear about it.

There are many reasons for the popularity of this currency and not to believe that such a thing could become the norm in the coming decades would be a mistake!

But let's move on.

One of the main limitations of this currency today is that it is difficult to find physical and online stores that accept them.

But recently, BTCPay announced the start of compatibility between their service and Shopify in order to offer this payment method.

Unfortunately this compatibility had a lot of limits and that's what we fixed at BlackSwan!

It is now possible to install on your own server / computer a small script which, once properly configured by following our tutorial, will synchronize payments made in BTC, and orders recorded on Shopify.

No need to do it manually anymore!


The code is already available on our Github!

BTCPay Shopify bridge