Just over a year ago, Dries Van Noten entrusted us with the creation of their online store on Shopify Plus. We enthusiastically accepted the challenge, offering sharp, 100% customized development, as well as innovative features to provide a unique online shopping experience for their customers.

Among the features implemented, we included the use of augmented reality to virtually try on lipstick, an innovative feature that allows customers to see what the product would look like on them before purchasing. This feature is highly appreciated in the beauty market, and we were delighted to offer it on the Dries Van Noten online store in a completely native and integrated manner within the browsing experience.

The timing of the project was tight, but thanks to the responsiveness of our team of developers and project managers, we managed to deliver the site in just 4 months.

The result was spectacular: the site emerged as one of the most beautiful e-commerce launches of 2022, and the brand won awards for the launch of its beauty range in prestigious magazines such as Vogue and WWD.

It was a real success for both our team and the Dries Van Noten brand.

Article de WWD sur les meilleurss produits beaute 2022

In 2022, we implemented new features on the Dries Van Noten online store with the aim of improving the site's conversion rate while respecting the brand's image. All of this was fantastic, but the quality of a site is not only measured by what is visible on the screen: you also have to take into account what happens "under the hood."

In our case, the emphasis is on technical excellence to create sites that can be easily managed directly via the Shopify interface, without having to use "Headless" systems that are often unnecessary for agencies that truly know how to code, as they are costly to develop, and of no real interest to customers.

These headless systems are also difficult to maintain from an infrastructure standpoint, which comes at a cost in terms of maintenance that can impact the profitability of merchants. It's often for this reason that they are recommended by agencies that don't know how else to meet their clients' demands.

Even though the quality of the code was good, the Dries Van Noten online store was rated 75/100 by GTMetrix, which is above average for e-commerce, especially for such a carefully crafted site. But the brand trusted us when we told them we could go even further.

Therefore, we worked during Q4 2022 to rethink how the site's elements were structured: we revamped the search function, optimized the store locator, deployed a new version of our Sharp technology, fine-tuned image display, deferred app loading, used the latest technological "stacks," etc. All of this while maintaining the quality, brand image, and identity of the brand.

This was truly a master craftsman's work in our field! And it paid off!

Comparatif des performances des meilleurs sites de luxe

The final result is impressive: the Dries Van Noten online store achieved a score of 99/100 on GTMetrix, where Louis Vuitton, Dior, and Balenciaga struggle to exceed 60% in terms of performance. Dries Van Noten is now the most high-performing fashion/luxury site on the market!

This success demonstrates the excellence of our work and our ability to offer a smooth and fast online shopping experience for our clients' customers, and they repay us in kind. We are proud to contribute to the brand's success by putting technology at its service.

Taux de conversion en hausse de 88 pourcents apres amelioration des performances

The results of our efforts in terms of profitability are compelling: following the implementation of the newly developed optimizations, the conversion rate of the Dries Van Noten online store increased by 89%. Of course, we have to take into account the seasonality during the Christmas period, but this still undeniably demonstrates the positive impact of our work on the site's performance.

For ambitious brands that aim to perform in the Direct To Consumer market: we are here to help you achieve your goals. This site is just one more example that proves our ability to create high-performing and profitable sites, so do not hesitate to contact us if you wish to entrust us with work to boost your online store.

In the meantime, we wish you all a Merry Christmas! #dropsmic