When we moved Bangle Up's website from Magento to Shopify last year, they had already raised their sales by 35% while receiving the same amount of traffic, thanks to the optimised checkout process that Shopify offers.

In 2020 because of COVID, they decided to strengthen their online offering in order to compensate for the losses due to the closing of physical shops during the 2 lockdowns we faced in France. In order to achieve that, they contacted the BlackSwan team and we had the opportunity to code an improved version of their website, equipped with our SharpJS technology. We deployed it in the sales generating pages of the website (Homepage / Collections Pages / Product Pages), while also working on UX improvements on the mobile version, because it received 75% of their traffic.
Refonte Bangle Up en SharpJS
We worked hard to offer them an upgrade in different steps (not in one go) so that they could generate more sales before Christmas, and the least we can say is that they didn't have to wait long to see results : 
  • the time to display pages was divided by 2 (-48%)
  • the time to download all ressources was reduced by 72% thanks to a rewritting of the code
  • the redirection time was reduced by 13%
Like all our projects, the technical aspects aren't an end by themselves, they must serve the economic performance of our clients and once again SharpJS surpassed all our expectations :
  • on the specific week we released the website, Bangle Up got 10% less traffic...
  • ... yet they increased their sales by 39% ! Less traffic, yet more sales !
  • which means they raised the conversion rate by 51% !
Those good news for the business part were also good news for the staff of Bangle Up : our SharpJS technology now allows them to manage the entire content of the website, without requiring a single line of code. They can for example manage the products that are automatically added to the cart, the texts and images of their newsletter popin, etc, simply by going to the "Customize" part of their Shopify theme, on all the website's pages, not only the homepage.
Personnaliser le thème directement via Shopify
In the future, the brand has already decided to move all its content pages to SharpJS in order to get the same advantages, which when combined with our recommendations, should allow them to multiply by 2 the overall performance of their website, and to therefore become the fastest french jewellery store on the internet !


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