Running special promotion, launching a partnership with another brand or you simply want to reward your customers who spend the most? Give them the ability to see free products automatically added to their carts when they reach certain spending thresholds that you define. This is not a native Shopify feature and we have to adapt the way your cart is built to add this functionality.

Whether or not you want those free products to be displayed on your website (with product samples for example), they'll magically appear in your customer's cart and in the final order that you'll in your Shopify admin interface. If you choose the proper thresholds for this and the right messages, this feature can greatly improve the average amount that is spent by your customers.

It is also very useful for merchants who need to tell their logistic partners what packaging must be used for each product and enables them to keep track of the stocks of the boxes in which their goods are being shipped, without having to do any manual operations.

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