Give your customers the ability to create the product bundle they dream of and that they're sure to enjoy ! 

With the custom packs feature, users can pick products that are usually not available to be sold individually, and they can add them to a bundle so they only get products that they like. As a merchant, you can easily administer the products that you want to make available inside bundles, limit the numbers of each that can be added and obviously decide on the prices and discounts you want to charge. 

We've also built a feature that will automatically keep the stock levels in synch for each individual product that will be added to a bundle and the composition of each bundle is displayed both during checkout and on the invoices, etc so that's it's easy for your logistics team to manage. 

If you combine this with a tailor-made delivery slot picking feature, the online experience you offer get very close to one you could have delivered in-store. 

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